Marine Education

Allchorn Maritime Ltd – marine environmental education

Allchorn Maritime Ltd recognises the importance of ocean health on a global scale. Healthy seas and oceans contribute to a healthy planet, which in turn benefits every one of us. We also recognise the health benefits of getting outdoors and utilising the fabulous opportunities on our doorstep. We recognise that the marine environment is a valuable resource to be used in a sustainable manner.

Coastal Communities need to take stewardship of the marine environment and to understand that we can individually address issues such as marine litter and pollution through understanding the science behind the problem, by changing our own behaviour to be more responsible. This will not only improve the health of the oceans, it will help provide a clean coastal area for the local community and tourist to enjoy.

Eastbourne’s maritime links both past, present and future, provide a wealth of opportunity for ocean literacy, marine science, education and stewardship of this coastal community. Allchorn Maritime Ltd affords a perfect location within Eastbourne’s amazing stretch of coastline to provide marine environmental education activities.

In addition to the maritime heritage of Allchorn boats, this project will also seek funding to promote marine and coastal environmental awareness, sustainability and stewardship by means of community engagement activities. These marine workshops will explore locally, nationally and globally relevant themes such as the fishing industry, sustainable fishing, windfarms, offshore renewables, marine conservation zones, tourism, marine litter and micro-plastics. The marine environmental education activities will allow exploration and discussion with the aim of providing the participant with a sense of stewardship of the marine environment and knowledge to make informed choices.

Community activities will include:

  • Family activity days.
  • Beach school curriculum activities for schools/ higher education.
  • Science Technology Engineering Maths (STEM) activity workshops.
  • Coastal Outdoor Exploration sessions for a range of community groups.
  • Marine activity trail (for dementia sufferers & their carers/ young carers).

We will work in partnership with marine science educators and marine scientists to provide up to date resources and current, accurate scientific information.